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My name is Ryan Wilson, and I’m a certified counselor and therapist who’s been helping people for the last 10 years. If you’re having some trouble comprehending yourself or the people around you, then I’m the one for you.

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About Ryan

Hello there, my name is Ryan. I’m a professor at the University of Yale and I’m a certified therapist & counselor. I graduated from the University of Washington and have pursued my career as a therapist ever since. I love exploring personalities and understanding people’s underlying character. I’ve opened my counseling office 10 years ago and have been welcoming clients ever since. My main concern is to make them feel better and feel at home.

My clients think of my office as a cocoon rather than a simple office. They can tell me their worsts secrets and I’ll be there listening to them in order to help them out. If you know me outside my office, then you certainly know me for my research in mental illness and my work about overcoming shyness. I’m not researching more about madness, evil & good, and the line in-between.

If you’re having problems, whether they’re mental or not, I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

My areas of expertise

Achieving Happiness

I’d like to consider myself very helpful when it comes to making people feel happy. I’ve been welcoming people with mental issues and depressions since I opened my office, and nowadays, they all say that they feel “contempt” and “happy”.


A lot of people think that change is horrible and feel more comfortable sitting in their comfort zone without changing anything. And that is very sad, if you’re trying to overcome your fear of change, I’m here to help.

Be Contempt

Leading a fulfilling life is harder than anyone can imagine. It can be difficult, and very complex, but the solution is to be contempt. Feeling contempt will help you achieve a fulfilling life more easily, and will make sure you stay happy even in the long run.

Self Healing and Motivation

My Services

In order to help people online & offline, I make sure to offer different services that will help them understand themselves more, and be more aware of their surroundings. The subconscious mind isn’t easy to understand, but hopefully, with these courses, you’ll grow to comprehend it.

Private Counselling

If you don’t like people around you when counseling, then you can take an appointment for private counseling. You’ll be there alone telling me what’s on your mind, and I’ll be concentrating my efforts on you only.

Therapeutic Healing

Some people are more damaged than most and some just want to heal. If you’re looking for a way to heal yourself from all of your pain and negative thoughts, then you can take an appointment for therapeutic healing.

Group Sessions

If you love being in a group more than being alone, then there’s the possibility for group sessions as well. You’ll be there with a group of people who have more or less the same struggles as you. 


In therapy, we’ll be meeting once a week and talking about your deepest problems in order to help you out. I’ll be giving you solutions on how to overcome your weaknesses and how to become a better version of yourself.


What To Expect Of My Services?

You have every right to ask yourself these questions. How would I help you and why choose me over hundreds of counselors and therapists out there? Well, the answer is very easy. I’m one of the top 10 therapists according to Forbes and I’ve been helping people for the last decade. My testimonials speak loud and clear for me, and I put my client’s mental health above all.

Optimistic Attitude

Become more optimistic in your day-to-day life with the help of my services. You’ll be able to see things in a better way, and in a more positive way.

Self Confidence

Being self-confident doesn’t come off easy to some people especially those who had a rough childhood. But, if you choose me, then I’ll help you become more confident.

Embrace Change

Change is hard to embrace especially if you got used to so many parts of your life the way they are. But I’ll help you get over that, and embrace change.

Think healthy

Negative thoughts are a bad element. They make you unstable and affect your mental health, that is why I’ll help you think healthy with my services.

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Transform, Elevate and Sustain

My Best Course

Here you’ll find my best seller of all time. It’s the course that talks about how to overcome shyness and how to become more motivated & confident. This course details all reasons of shyness, and lack of self-confidence & motivation. It’ll also help you go through all the solution and give you example of exercises to do at home to boost your confidence & get rid of shyness.

The key to become the better version of yourself, has never been better.


Our Testimonials!

Ryan is simply the best, he helped change my life. I’ve been an extremely shy person when I first booked a session with him, now 2 years after, I’m married to the love of my life.


Interior Designer

Having a lack of confidence isn’t easy. I’ve been there, and have felt it. Ryan was there to help all along. He helped me become more confident and pursue my dream of being a model!



When I first started working as a secretary, I had a terrible habit of loving my comfort zone. I never stepped out of it and never wanted out. But Ryan helped see things more clearly and get to know me much better. Now I’m a software consultant and I have never been happier. I realized I had a passion for computers, software & codes. And I pursued my passion and look where it got me! Thanks, Ryan.


Software Consultant

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What The Subconscious Mind Is Capable Of?

Your brain is there to help you through your worst moments. From the moment you were a child, to this moment, your subconscious mind keeps saving information and events and keeps using them.

Your subconscious mind is responsible for a lot of things, it’s responsible for your body temperature, breathing, and a lot of things that you’re not aware of. Many people don’t realize how important is the subconscious mind and think it’s just there, it just exists.

But that’s not the case.

June 10 2019

Fremak Hall, New York

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I’ve been helping people for a decade now overcoming their fears, shyness, lack of self-confidence and so on. Maybe it’s time for you too to benefit from my help! Contact me to book your first session.

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